Notable Projects:

Detecting Privacy Violations in Children's Apps Using HPCs: NYU CCS Research with Intel:

In conjunction with Professor Ramesh Karri, Professor Kanad Basu, and Dr. Ujjwal Gupta, I researched, designed, and implemented a novel state-of-the-art machine learning-based and hardware-theoretic methodology to detect privacy violations in children’s apps on the Android platform.

Links: ISEF Paper, Journal Paper, Slides, Data Collection Code

Tools and Skills: Machine Learning (Sci-Kit Learn), Data Science, Mobile App Development (Android Studio), BASH (for the Android operating system), Python 3, Web Scraper Development, etc.

Publications: Coming soon

Awards: Association for Computing Machinery First Award (ISEF), National Security Agency Research Directorate First “Science Security” Award (ISEF), NYC Science and Engineering Fair First Award in Math and Computer Science (NYCSEF), NYC Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Semifinals Third in Computer Science (JSHS)

Other: Invited talk at the National Security Agency (NSA)

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A New Method for the Exploitation of Speech Recognition Systems: NYU CCS Research:

With the guidance of Professor Ramesh Karri and Zahra Ghodsi, I developed a new method for the exploitation of speech recognition systems to highlight a major security flaw based upon previous research in adversarial machine learning.

Links: ISEF Paper, Slides, Sample Code

Tools and Skills: Python 3, BASH, Speech Recognition System Development, Adversarial Machine Learning (TensorFlow), Cybersecurity, SSH, etc.

Publications: Fall 2018 Computational Cybersecurity in Compromised Environments Workshop Poster Proceedings

Awards: Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Second Award in Systems Software (ISEF), Shanghai STEM Cloud Award (ISEF), National Security Agency Research Directorate Second “Science Security” Award (ISEF), GoDaddy Data Award (ISEF), Association for Computing Machinery Fourth Award (ISEF), NYC Science and Engineering Fair First Award in Computer Science (NYCSEF), Sarah and Morris Wiesenthal Award (NYCSEF), Naval Science Award (NYCSEF)

Other: Invited talk at the National Security Agency (NSA)

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Conveyor Belt: Vengo Labs Engineering Project:

I built a conveyor belt for a Vengo prototype utilizing an Arduino Mega, a Pololu stepper motor driver, a Nema 8 stepper motor, wires, and other apparatus.

Tools and Skills: Hardware Development, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, Soldering, Eagle CAD, Arduino (based off of C/C++)

Links: Sample Code

Resource Repository: Math Research Engineering Project:

In conjunction with Joseph Chen, I developed a repository with several relevant procedures in machine learning and statistics for my trainees and any future trainees in QHSS’s math research program.

Links: Repository, Intro to Neural Networks Notebook, PyTorch Example Notebook, Ridge Regression Notebook

Tools and Skills: Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, Data Science Machine Learning, Python 3, PyTorch, Pandas, NumPy, etc.

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(In-Progress) Defending Against Model Extraction Attacks: Research Project with the NSA:

With the guidance of Dr. Daniel Clouse, I’m working on building ensemble learning defenses for model extraction attacks.

Tools and Skills: Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, PyTorch, etc.

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