Talks & Publications

Trail of Bits Blog - Secure your machine learning with Semgrep

DEFCON 30 AI Village. Panel: The Use of AI/ML in Offensive Security Operations.

Trail of Bits Podcast - “W/Internships”

Never a Dill Moment: Exploiting Machine Learning Pickle Files

Collaborators: Evan Sultanik, Carson Harmon, and Jim Miller

DEFCON 29 AI Village. August 7, 2021. (Recording. Slides)

Trail of Bits Blog. March 15, 2021. (Link. PDF. GitHub Repository)

PrivacyRaven: Comprehensive Privacy Testing for Deep Learning

OpenMined Privacy Conference. September 26, 2020. This talk was aimed at ML practitioners and ML privacy researchers. (Recording. Slides)

Empire Hacking. August 11, 2020. This talk was aimed at computer security researchers. (Recording. Slides)

Trail of Bits Blog. October 8, 2020. (Link. PDF. GitHub Repository)

COPPTCHA: COPPA Tracking by Checking Hardware-Level Activity

Collaborators: Kanad Basu, Ujjwal Gupta, and Ramesh Karri

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. March 27, 2020. (Paper)

Invited Talk for the NSA Board of Directors. August 1, 2019. (ISEF Paper. Poster. Slides. More information about high school research)

A New Method for the Exploitation of Speech Recognition Systems

Collaborators: Zahra Ghodsi and Ramesh Karri

Invited Talk at the NSA Research Directorate. August 2nd, 2018. (Slides. Paper)

Computational Cybersecurity for Compromised Environments Workshop - Poster. September 18, 2018. (Poster. More information about high school research)