About Me

My name is Suha Sabi Hussain, and I’m a security engineer focused on trustworthy machine learning and privacy-enhancing technologies.

I’m an intern at Trail of Bits. I primarily work on PrivacyRaven and assorted applied cryptography and formal methods projects.

I’m pursuing my BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, specializing in theoretical computer science and human-computer interaction (formally: threads in theory and people). In addition, I conduct security research under Prof. Wenke Lee and volunteer at AI Village.

Aside from my professional pursuits, I have a wide variety of interests, including writing, film, traveling, philosophy, media studies, urban studies, math, electronics, and martial arts.

I care deeply about privacy and civil liberties, Internet freedom, immigrant rights, mutual aid, and accessible STEM education. I’m open to new volunteer opportunities.

You can contact me at suhashussain1 ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com or @suhackerr. For more information, check out my resume, Google Scholar, or GitHub.