My name is Suha Sabi Hussain. Welcome to my site!

I’m a researcher, engineer, and student in New York City. I primarily conduct research in machine learning and cybersecurity, and I greatly enjoy hardware development. For example, I’ve worked on hacking speech recognition systems and building conveyor belts. My research has won multiple awards, including the Second Award in Systems Software at Intel ISEF 2018; I've published or presented my research at the NSA and other places. My current position is an intern at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity. I've interned at Vengo Labs and did some freelance work. I'll begin my studies at Georgia Tech this fall in the Honors LLC.

As a senior at Queens High School for the Sciences, I run or help run multiple organizations, namely QHSS Robotics, Team Cyber and The Da Vinci Experiment, QHSS STEMinism, and Math Research. I partake in ARISTA and Urban Sketchers activities. Many of these roles capitalize upon my predilection for teaching and training. I’ve also studied mathematical modeling at Google’s igniteCS Bootcamp at Columbia University. My other interests and hobbies include art (modern art in particular), writing (prose, screenplays, technical writing), cognitive science, economics, space exploration, futurism, critical theory, and effective altruism.