Suha Hussain

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My name is Suha Sabi Hussain. Welcome to my site!

I’m a student, a hacker, an engineer, a researcher, and a writer living in New York City. Originally from Brooklyn, I believe in working at the intersection of engineering and art/media to spark change. Expanding the limits of human progress and making the universe a safer place is what I want to do with my life.

I specialize in cyber security, hardware development, and artificial intelligence. I’m learning more about decentralized applications, data science, and mixed reality in addition to economics, design, and government.

I run several organizations at my school (QHSS Robotics, Team Cyber, STEMinism) and am actively involved in ARISTA, Urban Sketchers, and Math Research. Having conducted independent research previously, I’m currently interning at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity; my research has won several awards, including the second award in systems software at the Intel ISEF 2018. I’ve also worked at a tech startup called Vengo Labs and participated in multiple competitions, including the Science Bowl.

Writing is one of my favorite passions. I’m experienced with a wide variety of forms, including research papers, technical documentation, prose, and screenwriting. I have a screenplay in progress: Always Anonymous.

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